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What we do

Our project aims to answer questions and enhance a collaborative useful discussion about relevant topics. Fieldwork and workshops are our key channels to do that. 

During these hands-on approach we try develop skills by practical activities, such as gardening, music-making and recording (at LSBU in the Elephant recording Studios).  This is a great chance to learn how to include practice into digital platforms. At the end of each workshop series, we apply the newly gained knowledge by producing video, photo and audio material which is incorporated into a final exhibition, workshops led by us and a symposium organised in collaboration with LSBU and May project Gardens. This is hosted at LCC so that the staff and students from both institutions are able to collaborate. 

Each workshop has a theme such as identity, environmental challenges in urban areas, social mobility, globalizing forces, migration, ethics of digital platforms, collaboration with local communities, entrepreneurial skills and small businesses, sustainable futures and employability.

This project has been conceived as a multimodal and multimedia experience that combines media infrastructures, which means that as students we can produce ethnographic documentaries, online portfolios (on respective field experience), socially-inclusive frameworks, self-reflexive and ethnographic approaches, and collaborative work. 

Our work: Acerca de
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